Backlot Animation Studios - Storyboard Artist - Malibu, California - 2012-2013
- Created storyboards for high-action scenes for animated television series
- Responsible for both creating and editing boards
- Completed all work on time on a tight schedule

DeMille Productions - Story/Concept Artist - Malibu, California - 2012
- Created storyboards for Re:Consider Clean commercial on a tight schedule
- Created storyboards for "Somebody Like You" short film
- Assisted art directior with character design and look for "Somebody Like You" short film

West Edge Opera - Backdrop Artist - Palo Alto, California - 2012
- Created over 60 full-color images for use in prologue and backdrops for opera "The Manga Flute"
- Designed comic versions of characters based off of actors and costume designs
- Timed out images to match with music in a motion comic-style animatic shown on stage

Dragon Slayer Productions - Backdrop Artist - Malibu, California - 2010-2012
- Designed characters, creatures and environments for feature film proposal
- Completed color concept paintings, logos and black and white storyboards to demonstrate look of the film
- Worked with writer/creator to properly visualize concepts

Farmer Brown - Layout/Concept Artist - Venice, California - 2010
- Created intricate page layouts for use in intermission animations in PS3 video game
- Completed color story pieces for use in page layouts
- Worked from animatics, concept art and script to integrate images into the overall look of the game

Big Wonder Studios - Sketch Artist - Los Angeles, California - 2010
- Designed new characters for Build-A-Bear franchise animated specials
- Drew established Build-A-Bear characters for various story ideas for future animated specials
- Completed all work on a tight schedule

Thinkwell Production and Design - Animator - Burbank, California - 2009
- Animated creatures for feature-length sci-fi/horror film and integrated them with live action footage
- Collaborated with lead animator on previz and finessed animation - Writer and Artist - Malibu, California - 2006-2012
- Created original webcomic: designed characters, wrote story, composed all artwork, and posted weekly page updates
- Generated 100 weekly hits and 15 new subscribers
- No missed deadlines in over five years of work


Gnomon School of Visual Effects - Hollywood, California - 2007-2008
- Professional training in Maya, ZBrush, Shake and Photoshop
- Studied concept design, storyboarding, modeling, texturing, rigging, animation in 2D and 3D, and compositing
- Achieved proficiency in Storyboarding, Visual Structure, Production Design, Character Design, Envrionment Design, Animation for Games, Digital Painting, Modeling, Texturing, 3D Character Animation, Gesture Drawing and Life Drawing

Pepperdine University - Malibu, California - 2002-2006
- B.A. in Communication (Creative Writing); Minor in Multimedia Design
- "Best Animated Film" in 2003 Pepperdine Film Festival
- Studied abroad in London during 2003-2004 school year

Technical Skills

- Proficient in Maya, ZBrush, Photoshop, Microsoft Office, Sketchbook Pro, Cintiq tablet usage, pencil and ink drawing, and traditional painting

- Knowledgeable in Corel Painter, Google Sketchup, Shake, Illustrator, Flash, Dreamweaver, AVID, AfterEffects and HeadusUV